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About Our School

Haviland Avenue School - Public School #3

The land for Public School #3 was purchased in 1913. When it was first built, Haviland Avenue School was a four room schoolhouse. More rooms were built in 1926 to accommodate the growing population.

By the 1970's, Haviland was showing the wear and tear of time, and had fallen into disrepair. Voters said "No", both to a new school and repairs. Haviland's fate was headed downhill until a group of three hundred-fifty residents petitioned the Board of Education to stop the closing of Haviland. On Wednesday, September 9, 1979 the Board approved keeping Haviland open pending approval of funds. A bond issue was passed and the building was renovated.

In 1995, the old building was renovated again and a new addition consisting of two floors, with a new library/media center, classroom/small instruction rooms, cafeteria, faculty room, kindergarten and two bathrooms was added.

Beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, the school district was revamped and Haviland Avenue School is now home to Kindergarten thru Grade 2.



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