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In light of the ongoing developments with COVID-19 and school closures, please
feel free to reach out to me via email for any medical questions or concerns.  I am available in office during school hours Monday - Friday, and can be reached by phone or email.

Wishing you and your families continued health as we get through this pandemic.


Nurse Ann




At Haviland Avenue School, health practices, such as covering coughs and hand washing, are emphasized in an effort to prevent the spread of illness in our school environment. As your child’s school nurse, I also recommend parents consult with their health care providers regarding a yearly influenza vaccination. NJ Law does require an annual flu vaccine for students up to the age of 59 months.   

There are times when the only way to prevent the spread of illness is to keep students that are ill out of school.  Keeping children home when they are too sick for school protects other students and staff from potential illness.

Symptoms that child is too sick for school

  • Fever: Temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Child must not have a fever for 24 hours without fever reducing medication before returning to school.

  • Vomiting: Child should not return to school for 24 hours following the last episode of vomiting.

  • Diarrhea: Children with watery stools may not return to school until 24 hours after their last episode of diarrhea.

  • Eye Infection: Pink eye (conjunctivitis) or thick mucus or pus draining from eye should not return to school for 24 hours after starting treatment.

If your child has any of the following symptoms, keep him/her home, or make appropriate child care arrangements. Students with fever, vomiting, diarrhea or eye infection must be symptom free for 24 hours prior to returning to school.   

  • Lice, Scabies: Children may not return to school until they have been treated and are free of live lice (must be checked by school nurse before returning).  Children with scabies can be admitted after treatment.
  • Chronic cough and/or runny nose: Continual coughing and greenish nose discharge. Conditions may be contagious and may require treatment from your health care provider.

  • Sore Throat: With fever or swollen glands in the neck.

  • Rash: any rash, especially with fever or itching.

  • Ear infection: Without fever can attend school, but the child may need medical treatment and follow-up. Untreated ear infections can cause permanent hearing loss.

  • Unusual appearance behavior: Abnormally tired, pale, lack of appetite, difficult to wake, confused or irritable.
  • Cough: Children sent to office with persistent cough, with an inability to stay in class, will be sent home.  

Physician notes are required for absences of 5 days or more and for communicable diseases.

Thank you for helping to keep Haviland Avenue School a Healthy Learning Environment.

Ann Alston, R.N., B.S.N., Haviland Avenue School Nurse  

Ann Alston, R.N., B.S.N.
856-546-4922 ext. 6207

I take a great sense of responsibility being entrusted with the physical, emotional, and mental health of students at Haviland Avenue School.  I believe that health and intellectual development of children are inextricably related; therefore, my goal is to strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of children and staff.

Students do not exist solely within the confines of the school environment, but are affected by their interactions and associations with family, community, and world events.  I strive to view each child as a whole composition by encompassing his/her unique and varied experiences. While it may seem you only hear from me when your child is physically sick, in need of an immunization, vision or hearing evaluation, please know that I am concerned and interested with all aspects of your child's well being.  Please, don't hesitate to call me to discuss any situation or medical issue that may affect your child's school success.

Immunizations Required by New Jersey Law for Kindergarten Attendance


a minimum of 4 doses, with one dose given on or after the 4th birthday, or any 5 doses


a minimum of 3 doses, with one dose given on or after the 4th birthday, or any 4 doses

(Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

2 doses vaccine, with the first dose given on or after the 1st birthday


1 dose given on or after the first birthday, proof of disease or lab evidence of protective immunity

Hepatitis B

three doses vaccine


Physical Exam Requirements

Routine Health Screenings

Transfer Student Requirements

Health Resources

Adult Immunization Program 

Asthma Information - NJ Pediatric Coalition
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NJ FamilyCare
Beginning January 2014, NJ FamilyCare - New Jersey's publicly funded health insurance program - includes CHIP, Medicaid and Medicaid expansion populations. That means qualified NJ residents of any age may be eligible for free or low cost health insurance that covers doctor visits, prescriptions, vision, dental care, mental health and substance use services and even hospitalization. 

NJ Department of Health Vaccine Preventable Disease Program
New Jersey minimum immunization requirements for Kindergarten-Grade 12 attendance. 

CDC Recommended Immunization ScheduleImmunization schedule for children and adolescents aged 18 years or younger.

The NJ Helps Services Home Page is designed to give consumers a "one-stop" shopping resource for the wide range of programs, information and services provided by the Department of Human Services and its partners, to assist individuals, families and 
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